Introducing GBKFIT, a web-application for kinematic galaxy modelling


Note the following summary has been taken from the ADACS news article "Simplifying access to High-Performance Galaxy Modelling" published on  13th December, 2017. 

A principal component of the Astronomy Data & Compute Services (ADACS) initiative is the provision of expertise for the design and development of software tools and infrastructure. In Q1/2017, ADACS released its first call for software development proposals. GBKFIT was one of three projects selected for development.

The application provides GBKFIT users with an online platform for performing model fitting via a web browser. It consists of an easy-to-use web application providing tools for configuring and managing jobs; presenting results; and downloading results, while providing the computing resources needed to run this sophisticated modelling package.

Many of the physical processes that take place in a galaxy are imprinted on the motions of its gas and stars. This makes galaxy kinematics an invaluable tool for studying galaxy structure, formation, and evolution. By modelling the internal motions of galaxies we can extract useful kinematic and morphological quantities which can improve our understanding of these wonderful celestial objects. Galaxy kinematic modelling can be a very computationally demanding process, both in terms of computational resources and run-time. The outcome of this ADACS project enables scientists to perform galaxy kinematic modelling analysis on remote supercomputing facilities, without requiring any technical expertise on parallel or distributed computing. Its intuitive kinematic analysis work flow now allows astronomers to increase their productivity by focusing on the science, while behind the scene, the use of supercomputers can accelerate the process of galaxy kinematic modelling, which in turn can accelerate the pace of scientific discovery.
— Dr. George Bekiaris, CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility