Introducing the TensorFlow Research Cloud


To accelerate the pace of open machine-learning research, Google Research is developing the TensorFlow Research Cloud (TFRC), a cluster of 1,000 Cloud TPUs that will be made available free of charge to support a broad range of computationally-intensive research projects. 

The TensorFlow Research Cloud offers researchers the following benefits:

    • Access to Google’s all-new Cloud TPUs that accelerate both training and inference. 
    • Up to 180 teraflops of floating-point performance per Cloud TPU
    • 64 GB of ultra-high-bandwidth memory per Cloud TPU
    • Familiar TensorFlow programming interfaces

    You can sign up here to request to be notified when the TensorFlow Research Cloud application process opens, and you can optionally share more information about your computational needs. We plan to evaluate applications on a rolling basis in search of the most creative and ambitious proposals.

    Read the full Google Research blog post.