Making iObserve Available on the Web is a web application developed by Cédric Foellmi (@onekiloparsec) that brings the observing activities of astronomers to the cloud. These activities include observation preparation, night operations, and data management. places all of these tools in one integrated place, designed by astronomers, for astronomers.  One of these tools iObserve was featured in a previous blog post; iObserve 1.6.0. submitted to the App Store (Feb 2017)

Cédric recently published an project update on the AstroBetter (@astrobetter) blog. Make sure you check it out. It's a really fantastic project and a great example of community–focussed development. To keep with the latest developments subscribe to the monthly newsletter. screenshot screenshot


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Also check out... – The blog – Data sources for the REST/API-savvy astronomers – The GitHub repository for issues, bug reports, and suggestions.


Cédric Foellmi (@onekiloparsec) is an astrophysicist and senior software engineer. He is the maker of iObserve: a macOS and iOS app, previously featured on Tech Savvy Astro and Astrobetter. Cedric was formerly an astronomer at ESO in Chile, where he met contributor Éric Depagne, a VLT UVES instrument Fellow. Eric is currently a SALT astronomer at the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO).

AstroBetter (@astrobetter)  is the leading blog and wiki for professional astronomers.